The Consultation Process

The consultation process is  invaluable when making the decision to have injectable treatments


Following a thorough medical history we assess your indivual concerns and identify your goals for treatment


We carry out an assesment of your face and together we formulate a treatment plan that is individual to you


We always give our patients the time they need to think about the treatment and if it is right for them

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Anti-wrinkle injections (Botox)

1 area £150

2 areas £200

3 areas £250

men £50 extra

Dermal Fillers and lip fillers 

1ml £290

 second ml £240

third ml £190

Skin Peels prices
Glow Peel £120
Radiant Peel £95
Vitamin A Boost Peel £50
Enzyme Retexturising Peel £40
Detox Peel £50