Wrinkle relaxing injections

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What is a wrinkle relaxing treatment?

Wrinkle relaxing injections are small deposits of toxin injected directly into the muscles causing temporary relaxation of muscles resulting in smoothing out of wrinkles and reducing the formation of new wrinkles.  Botulinum Toxin A is the protein that is injected. Botox® is a prescription only medicine and can only be prescribed by medical professionals including doctors, dentists and nurse prescribers. There are different brands of Botulinum Toxin A including Botox, Bocouture, Azzulure.

Is it safe?

Yes, Botulinum toxin has been used for over 30 years in the medical field and is used to treat a variety of medical conditions including but not limited to hyperhidrosis, migraines, cervical dystonia, TMJ dysfunction, Multiple Sclerosis, strabismus and blepharospasm. It has a lot of research behind it and is one of the most researched medicines. 

What do we treat with Botox? 

Horizontal forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet, nose or bunny lines (Usually the upper face). 

Does it hurt? 

It is virtually pain free however you may experience a slight stinging sensation during the administration of the botox®.

What happens after the treatment? 

You may experience soreness and redness immediately after the treatment lasting approximately 20 minutes. There is a risk of bruising after the treatment which usually subsides within a few days. After 4-10 days you will notice an improvement in your wrinkles.

How long does it last?

It lasts between 3 to 4 months after which you may wish to have further treatments

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